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We're flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings and our objective is always to help musicians, singers and songwriters make awesome sounding recordings. All rates include an experienced and helpful engineer.


£35 per hour (Minimum Hire 2 hours)

or £300 for a full day


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We also offer huge discounts for students and album projects. Please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can find the best deal to suit your budget.

We've mixed and remixed tracks by top selling bands and recording artists with many chart hits and awards. If you have a great track that you want mixed just get in touch and let's see what we could do for your music.


from £25 per song

We offer both online mastering and attended mastering sessions. Our online mastering is quick, easy and will take your music to the next level. Contact us now to try one track mastered FREE!



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Our award winning producers are on hand to create outstanding backing tracks, beats and arrangements for all styles of music, including rock, acoustic, classical and urban. 

Prepare to be amazed!

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