Panther Studios is a high quality recording studio located in Reigate, Surrey featuring the best of both vintage analogue and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on producing a great sound in an intimate and creative setting.
Not only do we have a great range of high quality professional recording equipment, we also have award-winning technicians and professional producers who know how to use it!
  • We can record straight to computer via our 24 channel analogue A&H mixing console and 2 x M-Audio Delta 1010 DA converters..

  • We can also offer analogue recording to our Fostex E16 track 1/2" tape machine (by arrangement).

  • Our A&H 3300 offers 24 channels of clean analogue signal path to a variety of recording platforms.

  • Mixing and mastering can be carried out either via the mixing console or 'in the box'.

  • We have a wide range of microphones for recording vocals, drums, guitars and other instruments. These include:

  • Rode / Oktava / Shure / AKG / LE / Beyer / Audio-Technica.

  • Our extensive range of outboard equipment ensures a great sounding recording and the best mix imaginable.

  • Drawmer/DBX Compressors/Limiters/Gates/Alesis/Lexicon effects processors and much more!

  • Having the right monitoring is an essential requirement in any professional recording studio. We have a wide range of industry standard monitors including:

  • Yamaha NS10s / Aurotones / Genelec / HH Circle 5s.

  • Most musicians prefer to use their own instruments, but we do have a range of instruments and amplifiers available to borrow or for hire at low cost, including:

  • Full drum kit / Vox AC15 valve amp / Blackstar Amp /

  • A range of Guitars / Basses / Keyboards / Drum Pads

  • Mandoline / Percussion